Keramik &
                porslin hos Wanjas Vardagsrum
Owl figurine by Mari Simmulson UE 6058M
Stig Lindberg Veckla
                          dish with black decor, GUstavsberg
Wilhelm Kåge salt
                          & pepper shakers in brown and blue by
                          Wilhelm Kåge Verkstad Gustavsberg
Swedish 50's large
                          vase by Berit Ternell Bo Fajans #071
Owl figurine by Mari Simmulson 6058M Upsala Ekeby 1966-69. H=17,5 cm.
525 SEK
Stig Lindberg Veckla, Gustavsberg. Dish in white carrara glaze with black decor (rare). Length 17,5 cm, width 9 cm, height 6 cm.
975 SEK
Stoneware salt and peppar shakers by Wilhelm Kåge, Käge Verkstad Gustavsberg. H=6,5/8 cm. The original rubber stoppers are dried out but stil functonal.
575 SEK/pair
50's Austrian figurine by Gretl Braun
                          labeled Made in Austria GB Hand-Made
Vase Spiral UE 2049 Ingrid Atterberg
Rörstrand California
                          Carl Harry Stålhane 1952 one vase and two
50's Austrian figurine by Gretl Braun around 1955.
800 SEK
Zebra tea cup & saucer, Eugen Trost Gefle Upsala Ekeby 1955-67. Crazing and a couple of chips to the glaze.
500 SEK
Rörstrand California in black and blue, Carl-Harry Stålhane 1952.
Bowl L=14,7 cm 250 SEK
Vase H=17,5 cm 200 SEK
Bowl L=8,7 cm 100 SEK
Very rare large vase or urn by Berit Ternell, Bo Fajans #071 1953-56. Pictured on the cover of the price current of 1953. Height 45 cm.
2 500 SEK
60's Gustavsberg Boris
                          Stojkov stoneware figurines
60's stoneware fish
                          Boris 4 by Boris Stojkov, Gustavsberg
60's stoneware
                          anteater figurine Gustavsberg Boris 2 by Boris
Gustavsberg Boris 5
                          sqirrel 60's stoneware figurine by Boris
60's soneware animal figurines by Boris Stojkov, Gustavsberg. Often attributed to Bengt Berglund. Separate pictures to the right.
Gustavsberg Boris 4 60's stoneware fish figurine by Boris Stojkov. L=12, H=10 cm. 3 in stock.
400 SEK/pce
Gustavsberg Boris 2 60's stoneware anteater (or tapir) figurine by Boris Stojkov. L=12, H=9 cm.
Gustavsberg Boris 5 60's stoneware  sqirrel (or bird) figurine by Boris Stojkov. L=12, H=9 cm.
400 SEK
Swedish 1930's Art deco vase in black
                          with green elephant decor Ilse Claeson
Swedish 1930's Art
                          Deco vase Ilse Claeson Serie V Gutavsberg
Art déco vase Serie V
                          Ilse Claeson Rörstrand
Swedish 1930's Art
                          Deco vase Ilse Claeson Serie V Gutavsberg
1930's Art déco vase with elephant, Ilse Claeson from her range of safari decorated items. H=15 cm. Age related crazing to the glaze. The neck has been mended, it is well done and not very noticable.
Swedish 30's Art Déco vase Ilse Claeson Serie V Rörstrand. A minor flaw to the glaze as seen to the right (just below the black bow), otherwhise only the usual crazing to the glaze. H=15, D=15 cm.
1 075 SEK
Vase Ilse Claeson Serie V Rörstrand. Usual crazing to the claze. H=13,5, D=12,5 cm.
850 SEK
Swedish 30's Art Déco vase Ilse Claeson Serie V Rörstrand. There is a chip to the foot rim and one on the edge, otherwjise the usual crazing to the glaze. Please note that we have a smaller one too, first to the left in this row. H=19, D=19 cm.
Swedish 60's planter Ann UpsalaEkeby
                          Turitz & Co
Swedish 50's flower pot Gunilla by Bertil
                          Nilsson, Upsala Ekeby
Swedish 50's flower pots Gabriel Ideal
Swedish 60's green planter
Swedish 60's green flower pot Ann 1049/11 Upsala Ekeby for Turitz & Co. H=10,5 cm, D=13,5 cm.
225 SEK
Swedish 50's green Gunilla planter by Bertil Nilsson, Upsala Ekeby. H=9 cm, D=11,5 cm.
200 SEK
Swedish 50's planters Gabriel Ideal. H=10,5 cm, D=13,8 cm.
Green, some damage to the glaze 125 SEK
Yellow 150 kr
Green planter, manufacturer unknown but possibly Gabriel or Steninge (matches the Ideal flower pots to the left). H=12,5 cm, D=16 cm.
175 SEK
Planters by Gunnar
                          Nylund Rörstrand
Swedish 50's Rörstrand
                          flower pot
                          50's white flower pots by Upsala Ekeby
Swedish 60's brown and
                          white flower pot by Upsala Ekeby for Turitz
Planters by Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand.
H=11,5 cm D=13 cm 275 SEK
H=13 cm D=15,5 cm 300 SEK
Swedish 50's Rörstrand planter. H=12,5 cm, D=16 cm.

Swedish 50's white planters by Upsala Ekeby. H=12 cm, D=16,5 cm.
The öeft one with a thinner layer of glace and a small (2 mm) flaw and crazing to the glaze, 175 SEK
The one to the right SOLD
Swedish 60's planter by Upsala Ekeby for Turitz & Co. Designer unknown, often sold as City by Hjördis Oldfors. H=11 cm, D=13 cm.
Lisa Larson Pelle med
                          katten Gustavsberg 1964-80
West German 60's long
                          hair dachshund perfume lamp probably by
60's cockatoo bird
                          parrot perfume lamp by Arno Apel Bavaria
Cucumber dish by Stig
                          Lindberg Gustavsberg
Pelle by Lisa Larson, Gustavsberg. Manufactured 1964-80. Height 20 cm. There's a chip on his left foot (see photo). Signed.
1 200 SEK
West German long hair dachshund perfume lamp, marked Western Germany and probably manufactured by Cortendorf. Length 20 cm, height 13 cm.
Cockatoo parrot bird perfume lamp by Porzellanfabrik Keramika Inh. Arno Apel i Lauenstein, Bavaria. The factory was active 1954-74 (marked crown over A A). Height 17 cm. There's a chip to the bottom, hardly noticable when the lamp is standing.
Cucumber dish by Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg, L=31 cm.
350 SEK
1920's bowl by Edvin
                          Ollers S:t Eriks Lervarufabriker
Harald Östergren
                          handeled dish in black and green UE 2188
Mari Simmulson Ax dish 4328 in grey
                          Upsala Ekeby 1958-61
Anna-Lisa Thomson
                          Spectra large dish 1067 UE 1951-62
Bowl by Edvin Ollers, S:t Eriks Lervarufabriker 1924-27. Diameter 19,5 cm, height 7,6 cm.
350 SEK
Harald Östergren handeled bowl in black and green glaze, Upsala Ekeby #2188 1930-38. Diameter 24, height 10 cm.
350 SEK
Upsala Ekeby "Ax" dish #4328 by Mari Simmulson 1958-61. 29,5x21 cm, height 8,5 cm.
375 SEK
Anna-Lisa Thomson Spectra large dish #1067 Uppsala Ekeby 1951-62. 36x24 cm.
675 SEK
50's rare dish by Mari
                          Simmulson, Upsala Ekeby, only 200 were made
                          for Städernas Försäkringsbolag
Mari Simmulson
                          triangular dish 4155, Upsala Ekeby 1954-70
Beata dish 5008M by Mari Simmulson Upsala
                          Ekeby 1975-69
Mari Simmulson Beata Upsala Ekeby dish
                          5009M 1965-69
Upsala Ekeby large dish #4064 av Mari Simmulson. This is no 114 of 200 made for Städernas Försäkringsbolag, probably for their 125th anniversary in 1953. 32x32 cm.
1 275 SEK
Upsala Ekeby triangular dish #4155 by Mari Simmulson 1954-70. W=25 cm.
575 SEK
Beata dish #5008M by Mari Simmulson Upsala Ekeby 1965-69. D=19,5 cm.
300 SEK
Beata dish #5009M, Mari Simmulson Upsala Ekeby 1965-69. D=23,5 cm. One chip to the edge.
275 SEK
Stig Lindberg Karneval
                          small dish 198 Ö.A. Gustavsberg 1958-62
Stig Lindberg Karneval
                          small dish 198 Å Gustavsberg
60's Arabia Crayfish
                          dinner plates by Anja Juurikkala Kaj Franck
60's Arabia Crayfish
                          dinner plates by Anja Juurikkala Kaj Franck
Stig Lindberg Karneval small dish 198.Ö.A. Gustavsberg Studio 1958-62. 16x8 cm. Small chip to the corner as shown on photo.
300 SEK
Stig Lindberg Karneval small dish 198.Å. Gustavsberg 1958-62. 16x8 cm. Small chip to the edge as shown on photo.
300 SEK
Arabia Crayfish (Krabba) hand painted dinner plates by Anja Juurikkala (decor) & Kaj Franck (model). 1953-60 produced with the name Krabba and during the 60's named Crayfish. D=25,5 cm. 3 in stock with yellow decor, all in excellent condition.
325 SEK/pce
Arabia Crayfish (Krabba), 60's hand painted dinner plates by Anja Juurikkala (decor) & Kaj Franck (model). D=25,5 cm. 3 in stock with red decor, all in excellent condition.
325 SEK/pce
Wall plaque Kavalkad
                          no 6 Olle Alberius Rörstrand
Mari Simmulson bird
                          wall plaque, Upsala Ekeby 8016 M 1968-70
Gefle Kryss Helmer
                          Ringström 1957-64
Gefle Sparta Helmer
                          Ringström 1964-73
Olle Alberius Rörstrand late 60's wall plaque Kavalkad no 6. Marked. Height 32, width 30 cm.
525 SEK
Mari Simmulson bird wall plaque, Upsala Ekeby 8016 M 1968-70. Width 30, height 23,5 cm.
650 SEK
"Kryss" Helmer Ringström Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1957-64. Some scrathes and some wear to the edges, one chip to the foot rim of one dish.
Sauce boat H=7 cm, 100 SEK
Jug H=17 cm, 250 SEK
Small plate 18 cm 3 in stock, 50 SEK/pce
Salad plate 20,3 cm 5 in stock, 60 SEK/pce
Plate 24 cm 2 in stock, 80 SEK/pce
Dish 28,5x24,5 cm 2 in stock, 160 SEK/pce

"Sparta" plates 23,2 cm, 4 in stock. Helmer Ringström, Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1964-73. Minor wear to the decor and there could be some scratches.
60 SEK/pce
Arthur Percy Pyrethrum
                          Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1943-52
Dinner plates Gefle Sol
Egg bowl with lid
                          shaped like a hen, Göteborgs Porslinsfabrik
                          late 19th-early 20th century 70's Arabia Rosmarin
                          (Anemone brown) Ulla Procope
Arthur Percy Pyrethrum, Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1943-52.
Dish 28,5x21,4 cm 80 SEK
Dish 23,4x17,5 cm, small flaw to the glaze, 50 SEK
Gefle Sol dinner plate, 2 in stock.
60 SEK/pce
Late 19th or early 20's century lidded egg bowl by Göteborgs Porslinsfabrik, Sweden. Age related crazings to the glaze. Length 20 cm.
700 SEK
"Rosmarin" large dish by Ulla Procopé Arabia 1961-72. Diameter 33,5 cm.
140 SEK
Five ceramic hens
Teapot by Fred
70's teapot by
                          Svenning Bertelsen
Low vase, Gefle model BX, Arthur Percy
Ceramic hens, some scratches to the glaze. Only 4 left. L=15 cm.
175 SEK/pce
Teapot by Fred Forslund, Sweden 1980, designed in the late 60's.
350 SEK
Teapot marked SB 79, probably made by Svenning Bertelsen.
450 SEK
Vase model BX, Arthur Percy, Gefle Porslinsfabrik 1936-55. H=10 cm.
100 SEK
Swedish 60's GA flower pot by Göran
                          Andersson Upsala Ekeby
Syco Keramik espresso
Late 1930's or 40's Alcro small dish by
                          Maggie Wibom Stockholms Keramik
Sugar bowl and creamer
                          by Bo Fajans
Swedish 60's planter Upsala Ekeby GA by Göran Andersson. Crazing to the glaze.
125 SEK
Swedish 60's espresso set by Syco Keramik Strömstad. Coffee pot height 19 cm, creamer, sugar bowl znx 6 cups with saucers (2 pink, 2 yellow and 2 green, looks blue on the photo).
600 SEK
Late 30's or 40's small dish made for Alcro by Maggie Wibom, Stockholms Keramik, Sweden. D=11, H=3 cm.
75 SEK
Bo Fajans sugar bowl & creamer.
Gryta med lock, svart-vit med
                          dillkvistar. A&J Höganäs, 50-tal.
Jie Sockerpullan, Vår
                          lilla stad, Anita Nylund
                          nr 15, ashtray with triangular pattern in
                          brown glaze, Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg
Domino nr 13, ashtray
                          with triangular pattern in brown glaze, Stig
                          Lindberg Gustavsberg
50's ceramic pot with lid, karott med lock, A&J Höganäs, Sweden.
Currently unavailable.
Sugar castor "Sockerpullan", Anita Nylund, Jie, Sweden. Discolouration underneath, otherwhise very good condition. H=14 cm.
300 SEK
Domino ashtray #15 in brown, 20x20 cm. Stig Lindberg, Gustavsberg.
1 075 SEK
Domino ashtray #13 in brown, 15,5x15,5 cm. Stig Lindberg, Gustavsberg. Small chip on the lower edge.
600 SEK
Gustavsberg Prunus
                          soup plate and side plate, Stig Lindberg
Gustavsberg Prunus
                          side plates, Stig Lindberg
Gustavsberg Prunus
                          coffee cups and saucers
Stig Lindberg
                          Rosenfält Gustavsberg 1969-72
Stig Lindberg Prunus, Gustavsberg 1962-74. Minor scratches.
Bowl D=19 cm, 175 SEK
Small plate D=17 cm, 125 SEK
Gustavsberg Prunus Stig Lindberg 1962-74. Small plates D=17 cm.
2 in good condition, 1 without markings (the decor is a bit off center).
140 SEK/pce (80 SEK for the one without markings)
Gustavsberg Prunus Stig Lindberg 1962-74.
Coffee cups and saucers, H=5,5 cm.
3 in stock, 325 SEK/pce
Stig Lindberg Rosenfält Gustavsberg 1969-72.
Dinner plate D=24,5 cm 4 in stock, one wiith slightly lighter decor and one with some marks to the edge.  180 (150) SEK/pce
Plate D=21,5 cm, 2 in stock, 140 SEK/pce
Wilhelm Kåge small
                          bowl, Gustavsberg Carrara 996
Royal Worcester Gold
                          Lustre cream soup bowls and saucers
Royal Worcester Lustre
                          Gold casserole dish with lid
Kathie Winkle
                          Renaissance Broadhurst Ironstone
Small bowl by Wihelm Kåge, Gustavsberg Carrara 996. Diameter 12,5 cm, height 5 cm.
200 SEK
Royal Worcester Gold Luster cream soup bowls. 4 in stock.
120 SEK/pce
Royal Worcester Gold Lustre casserole dish with lid.
175 SEK
Broadhurst Renaissance Kathie Winkle 1970.
Cofee cup & saucer 100 SEK/pce
Small plate 60 SEK/pce
Rörstrand butterbox
                          with lid, Marianne Westman
Mon Amie side plate,
                          Marianne Westman Rörstrand
Swedish 50's or 60's
                          ovenware Rörstrand Verdura no 20
Swedish 50's ovenware
                          Rörstrand Gratina by Gunnar Nylund
Rörstrand Picknick, Marianne Westman 1956-69. Butterbox #56 with lid, 15x8 cm, height 6 cm. No chips or cracks but discolourations to the lid and spots from fat under the glaze inside.
250 kr
Rörstrand Mon Amie, Marianne Westman. Old edition. Small plate, diameter 17,3 cm. 6 in stock.
Swedish 50's or 60's ovenware Rörstrand Verdura no 20, length 36, width 21, height 5 cm. Some spots to the glaze om the edge.
375 SEK
Swedish 50's ovenware Rörstrand Gratina by Gunnar Nylund 1956-65. #14 17x17 cm, H=7 cm, 150 SEK
#7 24,5x14 cm H=3 cm, some spots from the red glaze, 150 SEK
#8 30x17,5 cm, H=4 cm, small spot to the glaze, 200 SEK
Small pots by Bromma
                          Keramik Riemerschmid Zaren
                          Kaffee 60's espresso or mocca coffee set for
                          two Small dish Christian
                          Dior Strumpor 1962-63, Hans Bendix, Nymölle,
                          Danmark Cobalt blue
                          candlesticks by Andersson & Johansson,
Small pots by Bromma Keramik.
D=16, H=5,3 cm 140 SEK
D=10, H=3,2 cm 100 SEK
Riemerschmid Zarenkaffee espresso set for two, 1960. Coffee pot 28 cm+lid, 2 cups with saucers and a creamer.
500 SEK
Small plate, "Christian Dior Strumpor" (stockings) 1962-63, Hans Bendix, Nymölle, Denmark.
300 SEK
Candlesticks by Andersson & Johansson Höganäs.
100 SEK
Jie Gantofta plates Small oval dish by
                          Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand Ekeby Verkstad vase
                          Star by Ingrid Atterberg Upsala Ekeby 1947-53
Swedish 1940's vase by Olof Larsson,
                          Laholms Keramik
Plates by Jie Gantofta. Not suitable for every day use as they are quite fragile. D=24 cm. 5 in stock.
60 SEK/pce
Small, oval dish, Rörstrand Gunnar Nylund. 14x10,5 cm.
80 SEK
Upsala Ekeby vase, Ekeby Verkstad jug 101 Star. Ingrid Atterberg 1947-53. Height 10,5 cm.
200 SEK
Swedish 40's vase by Olof Larsson, Laholms Keramik. H=25 cm.
175 SEK
Swedish vase in white
                          with small flowers, Rörstrand
60's romantic vase by PMM Porzellan
                          Manufaktur München #290
Nittsjö THO 5012 bird
                          vase by Thomas Hellström
Gustavsberg Rosett
                          Stig Lindberg 50-tal
Rörstrand vase, heigh 13,5 cm.
175 SEK
60's vase #290, PMM Porzellan Manufactur München. H=23,5 cm.
225 SEK
Nittsjö bird vase THO 5012 by Thomas Hellström. L=14, H=8 cm.
125 SEK
Gustavsberg Rosett Stig Lindberg 1951-57. Large dish. A small chip or imperfection to the glaze.
175 SEK
Gustavsberg Lövranka
                          Calle Blomqvist
60's West German pottery Bay Keramik
                          turquoise floral pattern vase 72-25
Gefle Tellus salad plates and soup plates
                          by Helmer Ringström
Jie Aimo Nietosvuori figurine 774 Santa
                          with sack 1982
Gustavsberg Lövranka by Calle Blomqvist 1950-56.
West German 60's turquoise floral pattern Bay Keramik vase 72-25. H=25 cm. Nice condition with some crazing to the glaze.
175 SEK
Gefle Tellus, Helmer Ringström 1956-66. Salad plate 20,5 cm, soup plate 19,5 cm.
Salad plate 6 in stock 60 SEK/pce
(5 more with crazing to the glaze or minor chips under the edge)
Soup plate 60 SEK/pce
Santa with sack, Jie model 774 by Aimo Nietosvuori 1982. Height 12 cm.
80 SEK
Gefle Lillemor Mannerheim Pärlor (Pearls)
                          bowl and vase Rörstrand Swedish Grace coffee set with
                          pink/burgundy floral desor, Louise Adelborg Guldkroken Hjo orange apple lided jar,
                          fish shaped vase and shell shaped dish in
                          golden lustre glaze 60's dachshund figurine #45 by Katzhütte
                          GDR Eastern Germany
Lillemor Mannerheim 50's bowl and vase with decor "Pärlor" (Pearls), Gefle Porslinsfabrik.
Bowl 26x24 cm with some scratches to the bottom surface, vas height 12 cm.
Bowl 175 SEK
vase 100 SEK
Coffee set Rörstrand Swedish Grace by Louise Adelborg with floral decor. A strike of burgundy glaze on the ear of a cup, otherhise in great condition but unmarked (coffee pot marked 0216).
Cooffee pot, creamer, lided sugar bowl, 12 coffee cups with saucers, 12 side plates.
1 200 SEK
Guldkroken Hjo: Gold lustre glazed shell shaped dish, diameter 23 cm, 100 SEK
Orange, allpe shaped marmalade jar or sugar box D=10 cm, some spots and crazing to the glaze, 100 SEK
Gold lustre glazed fish shaped vase L=24 cm, 140 SEK
60's dachshund doxie figurine #45 by Katzhütte (former Hertwig) GDR Eastern Germany. H=14 cm.
150 SEK
Swedish 30's Gefle
                          Karneval coffee cups with saucers and small

Swedish 30's coffee cups and small plates, Karneval by Gefle. Often sold as Helmer Ringström but were designed before he came to Gefle Porslinsfabrik. Wear to the glaze.
Cup & saucer 75 SEK/set
Small plate 60 SEK/pce
6 cups with saucers and 6 small plates available (and some more saucers and small plates with more wear).

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