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Royal Krona green
50's vase Tan-Si,
                          Orrefors nu3300/6 Nils Landberg
50's vase, Kosta
                          LH1588 by Vicke Lindstrand
Gullaskruf Snoddas pitcher and glasses,
                          Lennart Andersson
Rummers from Royal Krona, Sweden.
50's vase "Tan-Si" nu 3300/6 Nils Landberg, Orrefors, Sweden. H=31 cm.
50's vase LH1588, Vicke Lindstrand, Kosta, Sweden. H=17 cm.
Gullaskruf "Snoddas", Lennart Andersson.
50's high glasses with stripes,
                          Johansfors Strikt by Sven Palmquist and a 60's
                          blue, pumpkin shaped vase by PO Ström
Vase by Nils Landberg, Orrefors nu3243
Lusteres glass from
                          Johansfors and Orrefors Fuga bowls
50's coloured glass,
                          Reijmyre Lorry, Rosemarie, Tosca and Björn
"Strikt" by Bengt Orup, Johansfors, Sweden and a rare vase by P.O. Ström.
Vase nu 3243 Nils Landberg, Orrefors, Sweden. H=33 cm. Lustered glass from Johansfors, Sweden and Orrefors "Fuga" by Sven Palmquist.
50's coloured glass, among others Reijmyre "Lorry", "Tosca", "Rosemarie" and "Björn".
50's glass in
                          different colours from Reijmyre: Raspa, Samba,
                          Mambo and Rio.
Cobalt blue pitcher
                          Iittala Kartio, Kaj Franck
Cobalt blue bowls
Cobalt blue dessert bowls
50's glass from Reijmyre. Those were available in different sizes and were called "Raspa", "Samba", "Mambo" and "Rio". Pitcher Iittala Kartio, Kaj Franck.
H=22 cm.
Two bowls in cobalt blue.
D=12, H=7,5 and 8 cm.
Three cobalt blue dessert bowls.
D=15, H=5 cm.
White crystal glass
                          bunny rabbit by Hadeland Glassverk, Norway
White crystal glass
                          ferret weasel or marten by Hadeland Glassverk,
Bowl in dark lustre on blue glass, Eda
60's green glass jug
Crystal glass bunny rabbit by Hadeland Glassverk, Norway.
L=7, H=4,5 cm.
Crystal glass ferret, weasel or marten by Hadeland, Norway
L=10,5, H=4 cm.
Carnival glass bowl by Eda, Sweden, dark lustre on blue glass.
D=17, H=8,5 cm.
60's glass jug, H=20 cm.
                          Swedish vase in pink with white stripes by
                          DEK/SEA Kosta
50's Swedish vase in
                          pink with white stripes by DEK/SEA Kosta
4 dessert bowls in
                          purple, green and amber with leg in clear
Elme Sticka dessert bowls and creamer in
                          grey and aqua
50's Swedish vase by DEK/SEA Kosta. H=27,5 cm. Sign. Sea 50's Swedish vase by DEK/SEA Kosta. Probably second-rate (not perfect in the "beak"). H=24,5 cm. Dessert bowls unknown origin. Diameter 9,5 cm, height 7,5-8 cm.
2 purple, 1 green and 1 amber.
Elme "Sticka". 3 dessert bowls and a creamer in grey and 3 dessert bowls in aqua. Height 10 cm, diameter of the bowls 9,8 cm.
Wine glass Sven in ruby
                          red by Reijmyre
Monica Bratt champagne glass model B-6 in
                          red with cut star pattern, Reijmyre
Swedish 50's ruby red
                          tumblers by Reijmyre
Swedish 50's ruby red dessert dish by
Ruby red wine glass "Sven" by Reijmyre. Often mentioned as 1930's design by Monica Bratt or Björn Trägårdh but according to Reijmyre it´s from the 50's and there are no records of the designer. Height 15 cm.
Champagne glass model B6 by Monica Bratt, Reijmyre. H= 17,5 cm.
50's tumblers from Reijmyre, Sweden, probably model Lorry.
H=11,6, D=6,7 cm.
Swedish 50's Reijmyre dessert dish.
D=17 cm.
Reijmyre Björn, 30's
                          liqueur and shot glass in red by Björn
Reijmyre confectionery bowl in red and
                          clear glass
Set of 6 small
                          tumblers in different colours by Reijmyre
Red opaque glass irregular shaped bowl
Reijmyre Björn, Björn Trägårdh 1937. Liqueur glass h=8 cm.
Shot glass h=9 cm.
Reijmyre bowl with lid. H=8,5/12,5 cm, D=9,5 cm.
Set of 6 50's or 60's small tumblers in different colours by Reijmyre, Sweden. Probably model Lorry. Height 8,3 cm, diameter 5,3 cm.
Red bowl, unknown origin.
Maximum width 15 cm.
Gullaskruf Reffla
                          Arthur Percy 50's red glass large plate and
                          side plates 50's Gullaskruf Reffla
                          bowls and vase by Arthur Percy
Gullaskruf red small
Set of 6 small glasses from Ekenäs
Gullaskruf Reffla by Arthur Percy 1952.
Large plate D=25 cm
Small plates C=18 cm
Gullaskruf Reffla, Arthur Percy 1952. Bowl D=10 H=6 cm
Vase 13x7, H=7,5 cm
Small plates by Gullaskruf.
D=18 cm.
Set of 6 small glasses by Ekenäs, Sweden, 2 in each colour. H=7, D=5,5 cm.

Orange vase or votive by Bergdala
Boda Falstaff wine
                          glasses in original box, Signe Persson Melin
Light greenish low legged glass by Skruf
Åseda large orage vase by Bo Borgström
                          model nr B5/285
Vase or candle holder by Bergdala Glasbruk. H=29,5 cm.

A couple of 70's Boda Falstaff wine glasses by Swedish designer Signe Persson-Melin, original box. Height 16, D=7,5 cm.
Low wine glass in light green by Skruf.
H=12 cm.
Åseda large, orange vase B5/285 by Bo Borgström. H=25 cm.
50's Murano ashtray
Rare 50's blue vase by
                          Monica Bratt, Reijmyre
50's ruby red pedestal
                          bowl by Reijmyre Monica Bratt
50's ruby red jug by
                          Reijmyre Sweden
Ashtray or dish, Murano Italy, probably 1950's. 12x11 cm, height 5 cm. 50's rare goblet by Monica Bratt, Reijmyre, Sweden. Model B321. H=7,5 cm, D=7,3 cm.
Swedish 50's ruby red pedestal bowl by Reijmyre, Monica Bratt. H=12 cm, D=11,5 cm.
Swedish 50's ruby red decanter model H125 by Reijmyre. H=17 cm.
Åseda Bo Borgström
                          60's blue & orange vase Glass tea pot with
                          stove, Signe Persson Melin, BodaNova 1971
30's Art deco
                          cigarette cup and vase in black glass
Red tumblers
Swedish 60's blue & orange vase by Bo Borgström, Åseda. H=23.5 cm. Glass teapot with warmer, Boda Nova, Signe Persson-Melin 1971.
Teapot 15 cm+handle, total height with warmer and hendle 28 cm.
1930's Art déco black glass cigarette cup and vase. Red tumblers. H=9 cm.
Iitala Ultima Thule
                          bowls, Tapio Wirkkala 1968
Orange vase by
Crystal pear paper weight
Red pressed
                          glass bowl by Eda Glasbruk, Sweden
Iittala Ultima Thule Tapio Wirkkala 1968. Dessert bowls D=10 cm.
Swedish vase by Lindshammar, probably Gunnar Ander. H=19 cm.
Crystal pear paper weight.
Red pressed glass bowl by Eda Glasbruk. D=14,5, H=7,5 cm.
Red tumblers with
                          honeycomb pattern by Reijmyre, Sweden
50's shot glass in
                          green by Reijmyre, Sweden.
Turquoise opaline glass lided bowl
Lindshammar Gunnar
                          Ander 60's tall decanter in greenish blue
Honeycomb patterned ruby red tumblers by Reijmyre. D=7, H=11,4 cm. Reijmyre shot glass, H=8 cm. Lided bowl or candy dish, probably by Ryds Glasbruk. Total height 11, diameter 13 cm. A minor defect to the white glass on the inside. Swedish 60's tall decanter by Gunnar Ander, Lindshammar. H=32 cm.
Swedish 60's orange vase
Orange vase by Elme
Orange candle holderby
Royal Krona green
                          votive by Bo Borgström
Swedish 60's orange vase. A minor defect on the edge from the making. H=23,5 cm. Orange cased glass vase by Elme Glasbruk. H=14, D=11,5 cm. Orange red candle holder or vase by Bergdala Glasbruk. H=28,5 cm. Swedish 70's green glass candleholder by Bo Borgström, Royal Kronal. There's a small production flaw which can be seen to the left on the middle petal. H=8,5 cm.
Swedish 60's green
                          cased glass vase by Gunnar Ander Alsterfors
Swedish 30's golden yellow Gulli glasses
                          fron Skruf
Swedish 60's greenish
                          blue cased glass vase Åseda Bo Borgström model
Small decanters or
                          handled vases by Monica Bratt Reijmyre
Swedish 60's breen cased glass vase by, Gunnar Ander, Alsterbro/Lindshammar. H=18,5 cm. Labeled by the English importer Jones & Co. Swedish 30's golden yellow Gulli by  Skruf.
Swedish 60's cased glass vase by Bo Borgström, Åseda model no B5/244. The colour is a bit more greenish/teal than the photo shows. A minor, hardly noticable chip to the edge. H=21 cm.
Small decanters by Monica Bratt, Reijmyre. The blue one is 11 cm high, the green one 11,5 cm.
Kosta Vicke Lindstrand
                          vase LH1588
Kosta Hans-Owe
                          Sandeberg vase in brown and turquoise cut to
                          clear glass
Iittala Ultima Thule in
                          different sizes, Tapio Wirkkala 1968
Orrefors decanter
Swedish 50's Kosta Vicke Lindstrand vase LH 1588 10,5x6 cm, height 16 cm. Kosta Hans Owe Sandeberg vase in brown and turquoise cut to clear glass. H=17,5 cm. Minor scratch. Iittala Ultima Thule, left to right:
H=12,5 D=8 cm
H=9 D=7 cm
H=6 D=4,5 cm
H=11,5 D=5,5 cm
H=7 D=7 cm SOLD
Orrefors dressing bottle from the salad set Paradiso designed by Styrbjörn Engström (plastic details by Jan Johansson) around 1970. H=17,5 cm.
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