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Storing at Wanjas Vardagsrum - Last update 2018-08-18
The items can be collected from our warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden. We deliver within Stockholm and nearby cities and sometimes to the southern parts of Sweden. Smaller items can be shipped abroad using the Swedish postal service.
For sending goods within Sweden we also use Schenker, DHL and Bussgods.

Swedish 50's teak
                          sideboard highboard with bar cabinet Swedish 50's or 60's
                          mahogany and light grey vinyl chest of
                          drawers Swedish 60's teak
                          sideboard by Ulferts Tibro 60-tal Swedish 60's shelving
                          unit Exqvisita Style
Swedish 50's teak and oak sideboard with bar cabinet. W=150, D=42, H=112 cm.

2 900 SEK
Swedish 50's mahogany and light grey vinyl chest of drawers, probably by IKEA. W=65, D=30, H=65 cm.
800 SEK
Swedish 60's teak sideboard by Ulferts Tibro. W=183, D=43, H=84 cm.
Teak and grey lacqured metal shelving unit by Exqvisita Style AB. Two shelves with depth 22 cm, one depth 30 cm. Height 139, width 82, depth 31 cm. Some ware to the metal.
1 800 SEK
String Parad Swedish
                          60's teak large shelving system by Sylve
                          Stenqvist 1964 Danish 50's teak
                          highboard sideboard buffet with sliding doors,
                          drawers, bar cabinet and secretary Swedish 50's or 60's
                          teak and oak sideboard by Breo Oderljunga Danish 50's large
                          highboard with tambour doors, drawers and
                          sliding glass doors, labeled Holger
                          Christensen's Mobelmagasiner
Please note: Lots of more parts than shown on picture!
Swedish 60's String Parad large shelving system by Sylve Stgenqvist, String AB 1964. At the photo: 3 cabinets with sliding doors D=35 H=50 cm (+1 with some wear to the surface and lacking one of 4 guides), 1 bar cabinet D=28 cm, 2 magazine shelves, 1 drawer unit D=35 cm (+1), 4 shelves D=22 cm (+10 but only enough shelf support pegs for 8 extra shelves or 7+the extra drawer unit), 3 sides H=180 cm (+4), 3 pieces holding the cabinets (+2). The width of each unit is 90 cm which could make a large shelving system or several smaller. May also be used as a room divider.
7 500 SEK for the whole set
Danish 50's teak highboard with sliding doors, drawers, bar cabinet and secretary. This is a piece of high quality and weighs a lot! At the moment it's stored in Halmstad but may be delivered to the southern parts of Sweden or towards Stockholm. Minor damage to the veneer. W=184, D=50/36, H=140 cm.
4 500 SEK

Swedish 50's or 60's teak and oak sideboard model Primo by Breo Oderljunga. One of the doors with small damage to the veneer. W=170, D=42, H=90 cm.
3 500 SEK
Danish 50's high quality mahogany large sideboard or highboard with tambour doors, drawers, sliding glass doors and cabinets. Labeled Holger Christensen's Möbelmagasiner. W=190, D=46/38, H=160 cm.
6 200 SEK
Swedish 60's small
                          chest of drawers 1930's art deco vanity
                          with tilting mirrors 1930's ash vanity with
                          8 drawers Swedish 60's teak book
                          shelf with glass doors
Swedish 60's small chest of drawers. W=70, D=38, H=55 cm.
600 SEK
1930's art déco vanity with tilting mirrors.
2 100 SEK
1930's vanity, brobably ash. Note the turning drawers! Top with some wear to the surface. H=169/58, W=159, D=40 cm. Mirror size 89x135 cm.
3 200 SEK
Swedish 60's teak cabinet with glass doors.
1 400 SEK
Troeds Domi Monte Nils
                          Jonsson Swedish 60's sidebiard with glass door
                          cabinet and bookshelf Swedish 60's rosewood
                          low bench or chest of drawers and large
                          mirror Three legged white
                          lacquered rattan sewing basket Swedish 50's mahogany
Troeds Domi Monte, Nils Jonsson. a sideboard and 1 upper cabinet with glass doors available (bookshelf unit sold). Some difference in colour to the top of the sideboard, one of the drawers wirh minor damage to the veneer. W=127, D=43/27, height sideboard 62 cm, upper cabinet 60 cm.
Sideboard: 1 800 SEK
Sideboard+glass door cabinet: 2 100 SEK
Swedish 60's rosewood & copper large mirror and low bench or chest of drawers by Ateljé G&T Glas & Trä, Hovantorp, Ewa Wrangel & Lars-Göran Nilsson. Minor, hardly noticable damage to the veneer. Mirror 120x80 cm, bench 115x35, height 34,5 cm.
1 800 SEK
70's three legged rattan sewing basket. H=43, D=30 cm.
300 SEK
Swedish 50's or 60's mahogany chest of drawers. Some scratches to the surface. W=65, D=37,5, H=69 cm.
800 SEK
Teak small chest of
                          drawers in the manner of Arne Vodder,
                          manufactured by Ateljé Glas och Trä

60's teak chest of drawers manufactured by Atélje Glas & Trä Hovmantorp, Sweden, often attributed to Arne Vodder. Some damage to the veneer next to one of the front legs and one leg with pressure mark, although all in all a beautiful piece. W=60, D=30, H=55 cm.

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