20th century
                glass at Wanjas Vardagsrum
Glass and brass votive
                          by Gunnar Ander Ystad Metall
Gullaskruf Mitt i
                          prick, Catti Åselius Lidbeck 1967-70
60's tall coupe
Swedish 50's black
                          & white glass vase by Elme Glasbruk
Gunnar Ander brass and glass candle holder, Ystad Metall. Height 30,5 cm.
325 SEK
"Mitt prick" by Catharina Åsélius-Lidbeck, Gullaskruf 1967-70.
Height 5,7 cm, diameter 5,9 cm.
Green/blue 70 kr
Orange/burgundy, some wear to the decor, 60 kr
Blue/yellow with a small chip on the edge, get it for free when you buy the other two.
A set of 10 60's elegant tall stemmed champagne coupe or cocktail glasses, or dessert bowls. Unknown origin but might be by Hovmantorp. Height 13,5 cm, diameter 9 cm.
700 SEK/10 pcs
Swedish 50's black vase by Elme Glasbruk. Height 20,5 cm.
200 SEK
Yellow Royal Krona
                          votive candle holders by Bo Borgström Åseda
Elme red vase
Orange red vases Elme
Elme orange red vases
70's yellow votive candle holders by Bo Bprgström för Royal Krona. Height 8,5 cm.
320 SEK/pce
Elme red vase, height 15 cm.
150 SEK
Elme Peacock vase in red and orange. The right one with a bit more contrast to the pattern but with a couple of marks to the neck (from the making). Height 27 cm.
450 SEK/pce
Elme red orange vases. Height 15,5 cm.
175 SEK/pce
Large, orange vase by
                          Erik Höglund, Boda
6 coloured lemonade or
                          highball glasses
Orrefors Colora orange
                          small bowl, Sven Palmquist
Swedish 60's red vase
                          by Bo Borgström Åseda
Large vase by Erik Höglund, Boda. Not signed. Heught 18,5 cm, upper diameter 15 cm.
325 SEK
Set of 6 lemonade or highball glasses. H=14 cm. Origin and age unknown. Please note that they are in glass, not plastic.
225 SEK for the set
Small, orange bowl. Orrefors Colora by Sven Palmquist. Diameter 11,5 cm, height 5 cm.
225 SEK
Swedish 60's Åseda vase B5/107-B by Bo Borgström. Height 26,8 cm, diameter 4/7 cm.
225 SEK
Orrefors Ingeborg
                          Lundin frosted shaker 3310
Skruf Bengt Edenfalk
                          Spectra 2 rectangular vases
Kosta Vicke Lindstrand
                          amber and violet web patterned vase
60's Boda Åfors Bertil
                          Vallien green candy jar
Orrefors frosted shaker by Ingeborg Lundin, designed in 1951. Signed Orrefors DU 3310. A small chipo to the stopper. Height 27,5 cm incl. stopper.
525 SEK
Spectra rectangular vases by Bengt Edenfalk, Skruf (Full crystal). Both are signed and in good condition, the large one has a small scratch to the surface of the edge (no chip and hardly noticeable).
Spectra 5 18,3x6 cm, height 18.8 cm: 250 SEK
Spectra 4 14,5x5,5 cm, height 15,5 cm: 200 SEK
Swedish 50's Kosta Vicke Lindstrand amber and violet vase. Price is set due to a chip next to the edge and some scratches.
Height 19 cm.
675 SEK
Swedish 60's Boda Åfors Bertil Vallien green glass candy jar with cork lidl. No chips but a scarch to the surface. Height when standing on the lid 21 cm.
250 SEK
Johansfors green glass
Johansfors Strikt
                          Swedish 50's highball glass by Bengt Orup
Johansfors Stripe
                          highball glass by Bengt Orup 1958
Johansfors Stripe ice
                          bucket Bengt Orup 1958
Johansfors beer glass H=14,5 cm 17 in stock.
70 SEK/pce
Shot mug H=6 cm 6 in stock.
40 SEK/pce
Johansfors Strikt by Bengt Orup 1952-53.
Highball glass, height 18 cm.
In stock: Yellow 2, purple 1, blue 1, red 1.
Stripe highball glass by Bengt Orup, Johansfors 1958. Grey stripes. Height 16,5 cm, diameter 6,5 cm.
275 SEK
Johansfors Stripe ice bucket, Bengt Orup 1958. Black stripes. Height 13 cm, diameter 12 cm.
(450 SEK) 2014-07-09: Sadly we just realized it's been damaged, there's a small chip on the edge. Our new price is 150 SEK.
Reijmyre Pavane green vase Tom Möller
Footed green glasses,
                          probably by Reijmyre
Gullaskruf Kjell Blomberg green vase
Erik Höglund amber
                          brown vase H998/150
Swedish 60's vase by Reijmyre, probably Pavane by Tom Möller 1960. Height 14,8 cm.
300 SEK
Small wine glasses (1 dl) probably by Reijmyre. Height 10 cm. 11 in stock (+1 with a chip to the foot).
90 SEK/pce
Green vaseprobably by Kjell Blomberg, Gullaskruf. Height 14,5 cm.
200 SEK
Boda Erik Höglund amber brosn vase signed H998/150. Height 14,5 cm.
300 SEK
Swedish 60's footed
                          dessert bowls by Ekenäs in 4 different
Large vase or
                          candlestick in turquoise opaline glass
Swedish 60's dish or
                          bowl by Nils Landberg Orrefors
Swedish turquoise
                          cased glass vase by Bergdala Glasbruk
Set of six Swedish 60's dessert bowls by Ekenäs. 2 blue, 2 yellow, 1 purple and 1 grey. Upper diameter 9,3 cm, foot diameter 8 cm, height 8,5 cm.
Large vase or candlestick in turquoise opaline glass. Height 24 cm.
225 SEK
Swedish 60's dish by Nils Landberg, Orrefors. Diameter 22 cm. Not signed, second grade marked II.
250 SEK
Swedish turquoise cased glass vase by Bergdala Glasbruk. H=10 cm.
120 SEK
Elegant liqueur
Elegant ball stemmed
                          cocktail glasses in bluish grey
Greenish yellow
                          cocktail glasses
60's shot glass, KF Lilla Allglaset,
                          Bengt Edenfalk, Skruf
5 liqueur goblets, height 9,2 cm,7,5 cm. 3 purple and 2 pink, one of them a bit wobbly. 
180 SEK for the set
7 elegant ball stemmed champagne coupe glasses or dessert bowls. Height 10,8 cm, diameter 10,5 cm.
6 cocktail glasses or dessert bowls. Height 9,3 cm, diameter 10,5 cm.
300 SEK for the set
60's shot glass, KF Lilla Allglaset, Bengt Edenfalk, Skruf. H=7,9 cm, 13 in stock.
Small shotglass, unknown origin. H=5 cm, 2 in stock.
30 SEK/pce
Ruby red glass salad
Gullaskruf ruby red
                          glass salad plates
Lindshammar vase
1930's cobalt blue
                          handled vase, Gullaskruf William Stenberg
Ruby red glass salad plates, diameter 18,5 cm. 10 in stock.
60 SEK/pce
Red glass salad plates by Gullaskruf, Sweden. D=18 cm, 4 in stock
70 SEK/pce
Lindshammar greenish blue vase.
125 SEK
Gullaskruf 30's cobalt blue handled vase by William Stenberg. H=16 cm. Some scratches to the surface.
150 SEK
Reijmyre large glass or vase
Reijmyre shot glasses,
                          probably Lorry
Reijmyre Lorry ruby
                          red wine glasses
Reijmyre Lorry, 50's iconic Swedish glass
                          in different colours
50's large glass or vase, same shape as Reijmyre Lorry. On the picture placed next to Lorry wine glass and two sizes of shot glasses. 50-tal. H=28 cm.
275 SEK
Reijmyre small shot glasses, probably Lorry, H=8 cm, 5 in stock.
80 SEK/pce
Reijmyre Lorry, 50's ruby red wine glasses, deeper in colour than the picture shows. H=15,5 cm.
12 in stock.
175 SEK/pce
Reijmyre Lorry, 50's. Wine glass H=15,5: 4 clear glass. 120 SEK/pce,
Red, see picture and price to the left.
Shot glass H=10,4 cm 16 dark green, 100 SEK/pce. 1 blue, 1 pink, 2 smoke, 120 SEK/pce
Reijmyre B6 euby red
                          champagne glass by Monica Bratt
Reijmyre Martell, 60's green brandy
Red shot glasses
Reijmyre 60's ruby red
                          shot glass
Reijmyre B-6 ruby red champagne glass by Monica Bratt. H=17,3 cm.
6 in stock.
210 SEK/pce
Reijmyre Martell, 60's.
H=10,2 cm, 5 in stock.
90 SEK/pce
Shot glasses.
H=8,7 cm, 5 in stock.
80 SEK/pce
Reijmyre 60's ruby red shot glass. H=7 cm.
12 in stock.
90 SEK/pce

Red tumblers with
Red tumblers
Ruby red pressed glass bowls
                          red glass
Red tumblers, unknown origin, might be Blenko.
H=11 cm, 2 in stock, 80 SEK/pce
H=7 cm, 4 in stock, 50 SEK/pce
Red tumblers, unknown origin.
H=9 cm, 5 in stock (+1 with minor chip).
60 SEK/pce
Pressed glass dessert bowls. D=10, H=4,7 cm. 8 in stock.
50 SEK/pce
Red drinking glass, probably by Lindshammar, Sweden.
H=14 cm, 1 in stock, 80 SEK
H=10 cm, 5 in stock, 70 SEK/pce
Gullaskruf Randi white
                          glass bowl by Lennart Andersson
Dark blue dessert bowls with foot in
                          clear glass
Swedish 50's green
                          tapered tumblers
Danish 60's Holmegaard
                          grey tumblers
Gullaskruf Randi, Lennart Andersson. Large opaque white glass bowl, 21,5x20, height 15 cm.
150 SEK
Coupe glass, H=7,7 cm.
200 SEK/4 pcs
11 Swedish 50's green tumblers. H=6,5, D=7,4 cm.
550 SEK for all
Set of 6 1960's grey tumblers in original box, Holmegaard Denmark. H=6, D=6,2 cm.
400 SEK
Swedish 50's somerso vase by
60's off-centred vase
                          by Vicke Lindstrand, Kosta 01616
Åseda Bo Borgström
                          60's blue & orange bowl
"Sydän" (Heart), glass sculpture signed Timo Sarpaneva Iittala -5? (probably -56). H=9, W=12cm.
1 200 SEK
Late 50's Swedish off-centred vase by Strömbergshyttan, mod. no B927, probably designed by Gunnar Nylund. Height almost 20 cm, weight 1,8 kg. There's a small chip to the bottom, hardly noticable.
400 SEK
60's off-centred vase by Vicke Lindstrand, Kosta 01616. H=12, B=13 cm.
600 SEK
Swedish 60's blue & orange bowl by Bo Borgström, Åseda. H=12, D=11,5 cm. A minor chip to the edge.
150 SEK
Erik Höglund tumblers
60's glass in steel
                          grey by Björkshult
Beer glass by Hans-Owe
                          Sandeberg, Hovmantorp
50's smookey blue small wine glass and
                          shot glass by Gullaskruf, G42/51 indigo, Hugo
                          Gehlin 1951
Erik Höglund tumblers whisky glass. One with a minor chip. Signed EH No 80.
Both for 200 SEK
60's glass in steel grey by Björkshult.
H=9,5 cm 2 in stock, 60 SEK/pce
H=6,5 cm 6 in stock, 40 SEK/pce
Beer glass by Hans-Owe Sandeberg, Hovmantorp. H=17 cm. 5 in stock.
90 SEK/pce
Gullaskruf G42/51 indigo, Hugo Gehlin 1951.
H=12,5 cm SOLD
H=9,5 cm 13 in stock, 40 SEK/pce
H=8,7 cm 3 in stock, 30 SEK/pce
Wine rummers or goblets, 3 in green and
                          one in green and clear glass
Wine goblets in red glass with clear
Liqueur glass in a golden tone
Liqueur glass in lustered glass, probably
                          Johansfors, Sweden
Rummer wine glasses, three available in green and one in green and clear glass. H=18 cm.
120 SEK/pce
4 (npt 5 as on the photo) wine glasses in red with clear glass stem. One of them has a producion flaw  on the foot, looks like a soft scratch. Height 17,5 cm, diameter 6,8 cm.
300 SEK for the set
Liqueur glass, H=7,5 cm.
300 SEK/8 pcs
Liqueur glass, probably Johansfors. H=6,5 cm.
250 SEK/6pcs

Red glass side plates
Swedish 50's green & clear glass bowl
                          by Sea Glasbruk, Kosta
Small plates in red
                          glass by Gullaskruf
Swedish 50's Small
                          vases in red & opalescent, Gullaskruf
                          Reffla by Arthur Percy
Red glass side plates.
Diameter 16-17 cm.
4 dark red and 5 light red in stock.
60 SEK/pce

Swedish 50's bowl gy Sea Glasbruk in Kosta. 22x16 cm, maximum height 12 cm. Minor chip close to the edge, hardly noticable.
225 SEK
Small plates by Gullaskruf (originally by Trelleborg). D=15,5 cm, 7 in stock.
40 SEK/pce
Gullaskruf Reffla by Arthur Percy 1952. Small vases, 2 in dark red in stock, the 2 in opalescent glass are sold. H=5-5,5 cm.
80 SEK/pce
Skruf Bengt Edenfalk 6
                          small tumblers and a decanter i rack
Red vase with a clear glass leg, probably
                          by Åseda
Green decanter with 6 glasses
Large dish in red glass by Reijmyre
                          Monica Bratt
Swedish 60's decanter and 6 small tumblers in rack, Bengt Edenfalk, Skruf.
350 SEK
Swedish 60's red vase. probanly by Åseda. H=18, D=8 cm.
150 SEK
Decanter H=25 cm and 6 small glasses H=7,5 D=5,8 cm, probably made by Ryds Glasbruk, Sweden.
450 SEK for the set
Large dish by Reijmyre, probably Monica Bratt modell B284. 24x27 cm. A flaw to the glass frpm the making.
300 SEK
Lindshammar Gunnar
                          Ander 60's footed dessert bowls in greenish
Swedish 50's
                          triangular bulb vase by Elme
                          mid century paperweight
Swedish 60's green
                          glass table lamp
Swedish 60's dessert bowls by Gunnar Ander, Lindshammar. D=9-9,5 cm, H=7,5-8 cm.
325 SEK/4 pcs
Swedish 50's or 60's vase by Elme Glasbruk.
H=24 cm.
150 SEK
Swedish 50's or 60's paper weight, probably by Kosta (Wärff). Diameter 10 cm.
250 SEK
Swedish 60's green glass table lamp, probably by Flygsfors.
225 SEK
                          80's vase by Bertil Vallien
Boda Zoo cat by Bertil
Kosta Boda early 80's
                          headshaped votive by Bertil Vallien
Kosta Snowball
                          lantern, Ann Wärff 1973
Mid 80's vase by Bertil Vallien, Kosta Boda studio glass, unmarked. 8x5,4 cm, height 14,5 cm.
300 SEK
80's Boda Zoo cat by Bertil Vallien. H=xx cm.
100 SEK
Kosta Boda votive candle holder by Bertil Vallien, early 80's. H=xx cm.
125 SEK
Kosta Snowball lanterns votive candle holders by Ann Wärff 1973. Boxes with wear.
80 SEK/pce
Swedish 70's swirled
                          glass bowl by Hannelore Dreutler & Arthur
                          Zirnsack Studio Åhus
60's vases by
                          Smålandshyttan and Ruda Glasbruk
Ball stemmed cocktail glasses in a dark
                          amber shade
                          blue bowl by Bergdala
Bowl by Studio Åhus, Hannelore Dreutler, Arthur Zirnsack 1977. Diameter 12, height 8,6 cm.
200 SEK
Blue vase & green vase from Smålandshyttan, H=12 cm.
Vase in the middle: Grön Rustik, Göte Augustsson, Ruda. H=17 cm.
125 SEK
4 ball stemmed cocktail glasses in a dark amber shade, height 8,5 cm, diameter 9,5 cm.
200 SEK for the set

Cobalt blue footed bowl by Bergdala Glasbruk, Sweden. H=11, D=15,4 cm.
150 SEK
                          wine glasses
                          glas på fot starkvin dessertvin
Nio olikfärgade
                          likörglas på fot
Swedish 1930's lided
                          bowl in marbled glass on black foot, Glimma
7 amber rummer wine glasses, height 17 cm.
600 SEK for all 7

8 small footed glasses. Height 10 cm.
350 SEK for all 8
9 liqueur goblets in 4 different colours. Height 8,4 cm, diameter 6,7 cm.
300 SEK for the set - RESERVED
1930's lided bowl candy dish by Glimma Glasbruk. Total height 17 cm.
Three cats
                          pair of Towle Crystal candle holders

To the left (marked Reijmyre) SOLD!
Middle SOLD!
Right SOLD!
A pair of Austrian Towle Crystal candle sticks. H=xx cm.
100 SEK

Sold objects

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Messurements of blown glass are approximate and may vary 5 mm up or down.

Our glass items can be shipped abroad using the Swedish postal service. For sending goods within Sweden we also use Schenker, DHL and Bussgods. You may also collect the items in Stockholm, Sweden.

Payment in advance to our Swedish bank account (Plusgirot, Nordea) or, if collected in Stockholm, cash.

Second hand goods are sold under the rules of margin scheme, which means there is no VAT to be withdrawn.

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