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Late 1920's black typewriter LC Smith & Corona 8-10
Diabelle telephone in red & white
50's cuttlery with black vnyl handles, Gense Focus de Luxe, Folke Arström 1955
JVC Nivico, orange TV shaped like a space helmet
Typewriter LC Smith & Corona
8-10, late 1920's.

Diabelle telephone, late 70's.

50's cuttlery Gense Focus de Luxe, Folke Arström 1955.
JVC Nivico TV "Videopsphere", around 1970.
Olivetti Valentine red portable typewriter
80's pocket games, Game & Watch and Time & Fun
Vintage textile print by Ilse Roempke aka Ilse Claeson
Vintage textile print by Ilse Roempke aka Ilse Claeson
Olivetti Valentine portable typewriter with case. Ettore Sottsass & Perry A. King 1969.
80's pocket games Nintendo Game & Watch and Time & Fun.

Textile by Ilse Roempke aka Ilse Claeson.
Textile by Ilse Roempke aka Ilse Claeson.
Plastic toy cat
Servis Superheat 50's washing machine
Carlsberg Hof advertising picture
50's curtains with leaf pattern in different colours
Plastic toy cat that we simply couldn't resist! Washing machine Servis Superheat with wringer, late 50's. Advertising picture, Carlsberg Hof. 84x62 cm. A pair of Swedish 50's curtains, probably cotton/linen. W=112, L=233 cm.
60's or 70's red anodised metal ice bucket shapet like an apple, Daydream Australia
Copper pot for mulled wine, 60's design by Gunnar Ander Ystad Metall
Telefunken Jubilate 7 Export 50's tube radio

60''s or 70's anodised metal ice bucket shaped lika an apple, Daydream Australia. 60's pot for glogg mulled wine, designed by Gunnar Ander, Ystad Metall. Tube radio Telefunken Jubilate 7 Export from 1956-57. Fully functioning with good sound and newer wire & plug.
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