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1930's dental chair with original lighting - Rare object - Sold at auction at Sikö Auktioner, Kristianstad, Sweden 2011-07-26

We've never seen such object before! We bought it at auction a while ago but realized that we had to let them re-sell the chair for us as we can't handle it because of the weight - it's about 150 kg (330 lbs).

As seen on the pictures it needs some restoration, our plan was to re-upholster the chair in black leather. With its original lighting - the glass lampshades show in the box on the first picture - it would be great at a night club! Imagine sitting comfortably with yur drink at the side table and your own lighting :)

Suitable as props in film, theater or photo sessions, or in your own home or office if you're in to the bold style of interior and do'nt suffer from dental fear. You could use the lamp alone, it fits great into an industrial design interior. The chair wuold fit into any retro- or industrial style hair saloon. Actually this object woul be perfect for a tattoo artist!

Unik tandläkarstol från 30-talet med originalbelysning och tillbehör Tandläkarstol med belysning och tillbehör, original från 1930-talet industristil 30-tal tandläkarstol med belysning, för inredning i industristil
The object was sold by Sikö Auktioner, Kristianstad, Sweden 2011-07-26 18:02.
Link to the auction:

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